Ralf Breninek

I started out as screendesigner for websites but broadened my skillset with flash at an early stage of my career. As flash and its abilities grew bigger I soon realized I had to decide if I would rather become a fulltime programmer or stick to my design roots. As you might have noticed I chose the Adobe side of the industry (back in the days when Flash was still owned by Macromedia). In the end knowing flash, its timeline based animation and Actionscript helped a lot in getting me started in After Effects which was soon followed by 3ds Max. Due to the fact that Cinema 4D is the 3D software that is used most in the german agency scene I switched to that package as main tool for 3D animation.

Since that time I have been working mostly for advertising agencys and less often for direct clients. Over the years I worked for all sizes of companies and clients ranging from the one person nutritional medicine advisor to the multi national 170.000 employee automotive supplier.