A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to take part at a car clinic focused on clusters (dials behind the steering wheel) and CIDs (Center Information Display) of Audi´s Q7, BMW´s 7 and Mercedes´ S-Class.

Overall I liked Audi´s implementation best, because to me it was the most intuitive to use.

BMW´s approach showed some really innovative stuff in automotive terms like bonding additional elements directly to the cluster and gesture control.

Mercedes had the best feeling multi dial of the three, but why are there so many different font sizes and also different fonts all over the dashboard and center console? Also maybe its only because I am a bit into watches but why bother to add a watch to the dashboard when it´s pointers look like they are made of plastic?

As a conclusion I would say it is nice to see the different approaches other infotainment teams take especially on digital clusters but I would like to see a more consistent look and feel for the digital an physical parts of the dashboards. My German and my Designer side would really like to do a rant here about a lot of details, but lets say there is room for improvement in almost all aspects and because digital clusters are still new in the automotive industry we will see better integration in the coming years. Thats also why I am looking forward to CES2016.

Also I am curious to see implementations of freeform and transparent OLED´s as well as multi layer approaches in the next years…