Although I bought the Octane plugin from otoy right after its first official release for Cinema 4D in the end of March 2013 I have not been able to work with it until now. Since February 2014 I have been testing it out and here are some test renders I did with diverse scenarios like indoors, outdoors, instanciated (mograph) lights, thinking particles and texture emission.

To me as a freelance motion graphics designer Octane was especially appealing because I bought it during beta for about 200€ if I do recall correctly. But now it costs 360€ and therefore still is about half the price of VRAY.

Although the plugin version is still missing some features that are announced for the standalone vers. 2.0 like object motionblur, displacement, hair etc. I am really looking forward for the rounded edges feature. Being able to round edges on render time without using additional polys is (hopefully) going to speed up the viewport. Also “Aoktar” the Octane staff member who works on the plugin for Cinema 4D is going some great lengths in giving quick and good support on the forum himself.