I have been at Aixsponza http://www.aixsponza.com/projects/showreel/ at the beginning of Octobre to take part at their visual effects course (TurbulenceFD, Krakatoa, Thinking Particles, X-Particles) in Munich.

As a motion graphics designer I have mostly been developing and producing show packages (intros, outros, lower thirds, wipes etc.) sofar without the need for smoke and fire effects, but because that might happen some time and also because I am interested in VFX for film and series, I thought the course might be a good starting point.Fuat Yüksel (3D-Lead & Head of Visual Effects at Aixsponza) did a great job as host and because of the small group of eight people was also able to give personal support. Although there are a lot of tutorials online it is invaluable to be able to talk to a technical director in person. Because in my opinion portals like Digital Tutors, CGtuts+, gnomon workshops etc.  partially and free tutorials mostly lack in highly qualified tutors and a good interaction.I really recommend the Aixcademy courses, also because they are certified by Maxon: http://www.aixsponza.com/aixcademy/

Almost cinema quality with a small team, at peak times 30 people and if I do recall correctly 4 weeks of production time: http://www.aixsponza.com/projects/dreadnought/

Great shading and animation (don´t miss the behind the scenes): http://www.aixsponza.com/projects/redbull-transforming-formula-1/

Photos (c) partially Aixsponza or Ralf Breninek